Cotton city pet’s poly clinic...

Cotton city pet’s polyclinic was started in 01/09/2004 by three of us who had 20 years of experience in treating in dogs and cats. When Coimbatore lacked state of art veterinary clinic with all-round facilities, this clinic was started with fully equipped operation theatre, clinical lab facility, ECG,X-ray, Sonography, ultrasound physio therapy, nebulizer, oxygen therapy, IP for post surgical follow up etc...      

                                                 FOR            24 HOURS EMERGENCY   

               SERVICES  ---  contact -- 8300114003


       CONTACT  - 08300403767,   08056330959.


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Morning 9.00Am to 1.00Pm - Evening 5.00Pm to 9.00Pm


Morning 9.00Am to 1.00Pm

Services available

  • General health checkup
  • Deworming
  • Vaccination against infectious diseases of dogs and cats
  • Treatment of various clinical conditions of dogs and cats
  • Treatment of various surgical affections including various soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries


  • Animal birth control surgeries
  • Sonograhy, E.C.G., x ray and Ultrasound physiotherapy, and echocardiogram
  • Vaginal cytology and breeding advice
  • Semen evaluation and artificial insemination
  • Dental scaling and polishing
  • Dog spa under veterinary care
  • Dog boarding
  • Pet food and accessories